Industrial catering

Offering comprehensive nutritional feeding and organizing the feeding of a large number of people is an extremely difficult and important activity, which Party Food has successfully implemented for large factories, industries and companies for 5 years. The company undertakes the overall management and implementation at every stage of the process – from the supply of foodstuffs, the preparation, cutting and packaging of food and food distribution to sites to serving food in the canteen and cafes and to the management of retail outlets.

Party Food develops projects according to the specific needs of each customer by offering cost-effective and practical solutions. The company makes it possible for consumers to ensure the feeding of their employees in accordance with Ordinance № 11 of 21.12.2005. It provides free protective food and at the same time it offers the most effective combination of ways of carrying this out - by invoice, meal vouchers or by card payments.

The company's experience in providing industrial catering services is evidenced by the accomplished projects:

  • Integrated Feeding Project for the employees of Maritsa Iztok Mining ltd
  • Integrated Feeding Services for the workers, employees and all the subcontractors within the construction site of Belene Nuclear Power Plant
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