Meal vouchers

Party Food has offered to both employers and employees food vouchers and free feeding vouchers under Ordinance № 7 of 09.07.2003 on Food Vouchers Activities, since 01.01.2009.

The company works in close cooperation with its clients with a view to implementing meal voucher systems in their social policies.

Food vouchers are used as means of payment for the purchase of prepared food, foodstuffs and soft drinks in the outlets. The limit of the monthly allowance is set at 60 leva under the Corporate Income Tax, which is given to employees separately from their monthly salary.

Food vouchers are economically effective both for the employer (as expenses) and for the employees (as a social benefit) because the money is exempt from tax and social security obligations for both parties. It is not allowed to purchase tobacco, alcohol and non-food items with those vouchers. The non-utilized value of the voucher is returned to the employer.

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